Who is Doctor Sainz?

Anthony A. Sainz, M.D. Born 1918, Died 1979

Anthony A. Sainz, M.D.
Born 1918, Died 1979

Anthony A. Sainz, born in Havana, moved to New York City as a child, and returned to Cuba for college and a medical degree. He had an international job in Germany after World War II, then returned to the U.S. to work as a psychiatrist, first in Iowa and later in New York State.  He had lauded the effectiveness of lobotomy, but by 1954, he was recognized for research in psychiatric medications. He (mis)treated the author of Unearthing the Ghosts by prescribing anti-psychotic medication to her on the basis of only one visit with her mother, and then hospitalizing her in a psychiatric ward. A man named Ernest Triplette, whom Sainz “treated” in Iowa, served 17 years in prison after Triplette confessed to a crime while heavily medicated with a powerful mixture of psychotropic drugs, including LSD, prescribed by Sainz. Triplette was released in 1972, after his pro bono attorneys gained access to his psychiatric medical records and successfully sued.

If you had any contact with Dr. Anthony A. Sainz between 1945 and 1979, please contact the author of Unearthing the Ghosts at lindamary@buriedgems.com.