Reviews of Unearthing the Ghosts

Excerpt from: Nielsen, Therese Purcell. “Madness & memoir.” Library Journal 15 May 2014: 90.

Wagner, Linda Mary. Unearthing the Ghosts: A Mystery Memoir. (Published by) Buried Gems

“…A product of the turbulent youth culture of the 1960s and 1970s, Wagner confounded her Depression-era parents with her teenage rebellions–so much so that they sought the interventions of Anthony Sainz, a local psychiatrist. Sainz medicated Wagner based upon her parents’ worries instead of upon an examination of Wagner herself. Her efforts to extricate herself from the ensuing nightmare of improper medication and hospitalization took years and are juxtaposed here against the broader backgrounds of mental illness in her family as well as the lurching progress made in the United States in the care of the mentally ill…

…VERDICT Wagner financed the publication of her work through a Kickstarter campaign. This approach, coupled with the story of her long trek toward uncovering the truth of her early experiences, will appeal to those committed to setting the record straight.”


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