Unearthing the Ghosts

“A powerful, well-written, beautifully reported book.” – Marion Roach Smith, author of Writing What You Know: Realia; The Roots of Desire: The Myth; Meaning and Sexual Power of Red Hair; and Another Name for Madness.

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A healthy “hippie” at age 17, Linda Wagner was assumed mentally ill by her Depression-era parents who were puzzled by the massive social changes in American society in the 1960s. Her memoir shows the social and psychological forces that coalesced into a doctor’s misdiagnosis and mistreatment and explains how she recovered from this coming-of-age trauma. Woven into the narrative is social history based on research that uncovers other mysteries, both solved and unsolved.

You, who loves a good story, seeks social purpose, and hopes to heal our world by shining light on buried gems – you will appreciate this book.